Unwanted Telemarketing Calls: Know your rights

Almost everyone has probably experienced the annoyance and frustration of answering the phone only to find an unwelcome call from a telemarketer selling some product or service. But did you know that telemarketing calls to your residence or cellular phone may be unlawful, and that consumers may be able to sue and recover damages from […]


Recent Judgments in Our Cases

Smith & Dietrich Law Offices, PLLC is pleased to report we have successfully completed three cases we filed earlier in 2017 with judgments entered in Thurston County Superior Court. We brought these campaign finance enforcement case known as “citizen actions” under Washington’s state law, and obtained relief for the benefit of the State including civil […]


Smith & Dietrich files 19 complaints against county political parties, sitting legislators

Walter Smith of Smith & Dietrich Law Offices PLLC filed campaign finance complaints (and citizen action notices under Chapter 42.17A RCW) on Friday, September 1 against nineteen sets of Respondents concerning a variety of apparent violations of Washington State’s campaign finance laws. The Respondents were identified using research from publicly accessible sources freely available to […]

Walter Smith in the news

The Tacoma News Tribune interviewed Walter about his recent campaign disclosure complaints. Check out the interview and read the article here.

South Sound water well buyer beware

For newcomers to the South Sound, it may seem hard to believe that anyone living here could ever find themselves short of healthful drinking water.   With an annual average of 50 inches of precipitation per year, the South Sound riddled with beautiful mountain fed streams and lakes.    Despite this natural bounty, many of our […]