Smith & Dietrich Law Offices PLLC believes that legal services should be transparently priced and reasonably available to the average South Sound consumer, business, or non-profit organization —  not only to big businesses, government officials, or wealthy people.  Our firm serves clients who want excellent legal representation at an affordable price. We offer flexible fee arrangements including contingent fees, hourly rates,  fixed fees and “unbundled legal services” designed to meet our neighbors’ needs.

Smith & Dietrich Law Offices PLLC proudly participates in the WSBA’s moderate means program for consumer debt and housing cases.  For most matters we will discount our regular hourly rate or fixed fee pricing for clients with incomes between 200% and 400% of the federal poverty level (2017 FPL).

Depending upon the nature of your claim, you may also have a right to recover your attorney fees from another party.  So, if you need legal services but are concerned about affordability, contact us.  If we cannot serve you for any reason, we may be able to refer you to a free legal service provider in the South Sound community.  We often  volunteer our time at various legal clinics and may know of an appropriate resource for you.

Smith & Dietrich Law Offices PLLC is a new  law firm owned by experienced attorneys dedicated to compassionately and efficiently helping clients with legal problems and challenges.     We work with you to understand your service needs and then we form an action plan meeting your goals. We are not a traditional firm with a big sign, elaborate office space, a big staff – and the associated high overhead.  We are committed to running a practice where all clients are treated respectfully and have ready access to the licensed attorney assigned to their case. We will use our experience to work efficiently and use the latest technology to keep overhead low and pass the savings to our clients – enabling almost anyone to afford excellent legal services.