Are you dealing with a dispute about unemployment benefits? Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, our firm has represented Washington State claimants in hundreds of appeal cases. We regularly work with frustrated clients fighting confusing decisions denying benefits or charging overpayments (when the state Employment Security Department demands benefits back after they are paid). ESD’s letters are often difficult to understand. We have seen claimants worry about threatening overpayment notices from the state for weeks or months before they receive a hearing. Frequently unemployment claimants are anxious about the hearing process and unsure how to prepare for a hearing in their appeal.

Our attorneys are experienced with the unemployment benefits appeal process. We have won numerous appeals, ensuring that unemployment claimants either keep their benefits or receive additional compensation. From our offices in Olympia, we can represent clients at telephonic hearings across the state of Washington. We personally review every case with our clients in detail and make sure we are aware of the relevant documents and information to support a client’s arguments ahead of any hearing. Our goal is to counsel our clients effectively and seek out the best available outcome for each case.

Even today, over three years since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in Washington, there is a large backlog of unemployment appeal cases waiting for a hearing. State government agencies report that it takes over 200 days on average for appeals to be resolved after they are filed. To make the most of your own unemployment dispute, consider the services of a professional. While each case is unique and we can never guarantee the outcome of an appeal, once we are aware of the specific facts of a client’s situation, we can advise about best options. Contact our firm to discuss how we can help with your unemployment dispute.