We offer a package of basic estate planning* services and documents.    The package includes a will, durable power of attorney, and healthcare directive personally prepared by our attorneys and tailored to each client’s needs and wishes. Our services include an information gathering questionnaire, an initial approximately 20 minute phone consultation with your attorney, draft documents for your review and approval, final approximately 30 minute consultation (in person or by phone – your choice) and document signing.

The price for this estate planning package is $500 per person.

Here is a sample fee agreement for those services (flat fee agreement basic estate planning) and this is the estate planning questionnaire we use to gather the necessary input for the document package

To schedule an initial phone consultation with an attorney or request more information, please contact us and select  “basic estate plan” from the drop down menu.

*Experience has shown that almost everyone  needs a basic set of legal documents to ensure that their wishes regarding the disposition of assets, treasured personal property, decision making if one becomes incapacitated, end of life medical care, and other things are respected.    We believe our basic estate planning package should meet the needs of most people in the South Sound.  If you have a lot of assets (Congratulations!) or another particularly complicating factor in your life (e.g., real estate in multiple jurisdictions, the need to segregate separate from community assets, or contentious heirs, etc.) this  package may not be right for you.  If you wish, we can refer you another local practitioner.