Guardianship/Probate/Estate Planning

Our attorneys will provide legal services to assist vulnerable people including children, the elderly, and those with diminished capacity. Smith & Dietrich attorneys can represent persons potentially needing a limited or full guardian, as well as others involved in guardianship proceedings. We intend to perform Guardian Ad Litem services and represent Title 11 guardians. Contact us us to schedule a consultation if you need help with the guardianship process or your loved one or friend may be in need of the services of a guardian. We also offer legal services for personal representatives and others involved in the probate process.

Experience has shown that everyone eventually needs a basic set of legal documents to ensure that their wishes are respected about the disposition of assets, treasured personal property, decision making if one becomes incapacitated, end of life medical care, and other things. To meet this need, we offer a basic document package consisting of a basic will, durable powers of attorney, and healthcare directives for a fixed fee of $600 per person, subject to discounts we offer based on financial need. These documents should meet the needs of most people in the South Sound. If you have a lot of assets (congratulations!) or another particularly complicating factor in your life, this package may not be right for you and we will likely refer you another local practitioner.