Civil Litigation

This area is the firm’s bread and butter. Steve and Walter have litigated complicated cases involving a wide array of substantive law in trial and appellate courts both the state and federal levels. For some examples of publicized cases we have worked on, please our bio pages (click here for Steve, and here for Walter).

Smith & Dietrich Law Offices PLLC is very interested in cases against abusive debt collectors, predatory lenders, fraudulent government healthcare providers, and cases involving improper government action or other abuses of the public trust. If you need help or have questions in these areas, click here to contact us.

We are also available to help with more routine civil disputes such as car accidents or disputes involving real estate sales or real property.  We can help clients contesting a wrongful denial of government benefits or other government action. If you are involved in litigation or wonder if you should be, we might be the right firm to represent you. Contact us to find out.